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Photo Safari

For Week 3, I captured many shots incorporating the “Noir” theme and these three photos fall under the Noir Safari category. The first picture was taken inside my house capturing the “Ventetian Blind” effect, the use of distinct shadows, and lighting from one side. It incorporates shadows and you can see the repeating squares created from the window panes. I also found it cool how the plants towards the bottom of the window sill were included in the photo.

In the next photo, this is a classic photo of a noir cat. This is my uncles cat and I just so happened to capture the “lazer eyes”. I filtered the photo to make it black and white making the eyes “pop” even more. My uncles cat is a ball of fluff and far from the noir style but this photo most definitely makes it appear as a noir villain.

The last photo of the safari was taken on campus right outside of the nest. To me, this is the best spot on campus to capture the noir feel with all of the chairs, the old school clock, and creepy lighting that comes out at night. It portrays the classic noir urban nightscape and this night was particularly foggy which made the shot that much better.

photo 33photo 12 photo 23

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