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Photo Safari: “Adventure is Out There!”

It was really awesome knowing that some of my previous photography work fit perfectly into not only the requirements for this week’s Photo Safari assignment but also  in telling the story and backstory of my character, Cat Loveless. The first two photos really answer the question “Where in the World is Beauregard Dasher?”, and if you look closely enough at them you may just be able to answer that question for yourself and for Cat! The following two give you a peak into Cat’s current environment, namely the view from her apartment and a bookstore that she frequents when she needs a time and aplace to jot down her thoughts. The final photo is really me channeling my “inner Caterina”, really feeling the music deeply, which is a trait that Cat gets from me.

Grittiness of Built Environment


Urban Nightscape

Urban Enviro

Venetian Blind Effect ft. Cat’s Third-Floor Walk-Up

Cat's View

Off-Kilter Angling


Distinct Use of Shadowing

Let It Go

It has been enjoyable to really think outside of the box on how to complete these various assignments, like I have this week in continue to craft a character that frequently mirrors myself and use the use of my photos to contribute to telling not just her but our story.

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