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Photo Safari – noir elements

This was a fun project! I loved the experience taking pictures and trust me many were thrown away as they just didn’t cut it!

I had to borrow a cat from a friend because I do not have a cat but like the noir cat idea. So as you can see my borrowed noir cat is in a couple different shadows behind her and the expression on her face just says “me, you talking to me!” Sarcasm from the noir cat. My second one is the venetian blind effect photo I took at work through the blinds of a naked tree which looks like it could be in a scary noir movie.

While I took two of the pictures but not this week I just love the scene for the urban nightscapes and the built environment. Both showing beautiful night time visions of lighting, buildings, streets and city life!

And then of course you have a noir cat and why not a noir dog. My dog Scooter is resting because of all the evil crimes he commits during the day. You see the lighting in the upper right hand corner which is the sunlight coming in the windows from one side. He steals the food right off my counters and tables when we are not home. At first we didn’t notice it until one day we found a couple wrappers under the kitchen table. I can say his favorite is my homemade BBQ because he has snatched that more times than I want to count or remember.

Photo Safari


Again, I used PowerPoint as I am really comfortable in there and can manipulate the pictures and wording. I didn’t get fancy but it is also a great program for saving slides into pictures or JPEG files.

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