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I’m not one for selfies. And the wave of budding “photographers” from my generation hasn’t made me want to join the movement. But I have always had respect for professionals. People who are seriously passionate for it and are doing it to make a difference or capture beauty, not jut for a self-absorbed reason. I’ve tagged along with one of my friends (a “budding” photographer) as she’s done photo shoots, and when she would let me have my hands on her expensive camera, I’d feel a charge. But that’s my limited experience with photo taking.


Looking through National Geographic, and photos people feel are most iconic, I noticed some trending elements. Movement, authenticity, and always ALWAYS a story. The photographer is trying to capture the story behind the person, animal, building etc. in the most candid way possible. Now there’s design principle to keep in mind, like placement within the frame, contrasting colors, the right background. And technical stuff, like different settings on the camera for different lighting, diffusers, and extremely complicated editing equipment. But none of that makes a good picture. A little test is if you look at a picture and connect with the subject, feel a strong emotion (be it amazement, awe, or anger), and to look at it for more than 5 seconds, then generally you have a solid picture.



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