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Photography & Me.

I love to take pictures because no matter what, the memories in those pictures never change no matter if the people in them do. I find myself taking pictures quite often, some being of myself, others being of pointless things, but I know that they will always have a strong significance to me. I take pictures with friends a lot because I want to always remember those moments no matter how far apart we end up being from each other. I also like to take pictures of pretty scenery and of my dog because she is the cutest thing in the entire world and she’s more photogenic then I am. Of course like almost all of the nation I take pictures of myself too, also known as selfies. I don’t have a specific approach to taking pictures which can lead to problems because I sometimes forget to focus and clean the camera¬†of my phone, little things that could make the picture look amazing that I sometimes forget to do. I also don’t take in account lighting and the surroundings which also affects it a lot. For some pictures I do try to create meaning and emotion, but that is only if I find a quote that I really like and in order to capture the quote and it’s real meaning, I try to take a picture to visually display the meaning. Though when it comes to being successful in this, I am far from that, I usually just end up using a quote and hoping it somewhat matches a picture. I really do try to do the best I can because I think emotion really makes the picture and without emotion there wouldn’t be meaning behind anything. After reading the readings that were provided about photography this week, I decided to download a few photo camera apps on my phone and mess around with some photo editing tools that fix lighting, some reflections, just some different things that add a bit more of a professional unique touch to my pictures. I also learned that if I just take a little bit more time and beach e pickier with my pictures and how they look, just another shot with a little bit more focus can make a huge difference.

Below are a few examples of my photography before I found out how to change it:





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