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Photography, Photography. What Happened To Photography?

I like taking pictures. I’m not in love wit it, but I have been known to take some pretty ones every now and then. I took a photography class in high school. We learned how to develop pictures. Most of the skills were how manipulating the exposure and saturation amongst other things can affect the outcome of the picture. I really enjoyed that class. It was very informative and got my into taking pretty cool pictures.

I tend to take a lot of pictures at once and then stop for a while. I don’t know why that happens. I guess I just get bored with one hobby and then move on to the next. When i say I take a lot of pictures, however, I mean A LOT of pictures. Usually the number ends up a little bit more than 100. I know. It’s crazy.

My favorite thing to take photos of is my animals. My beagle, Star, is really a drama queen and very photogenic. My other dog, Dallas, is pretty much the opposite. Other than that I love landscape photos. To me they are the prettiest. Especially when it’s more of a nature setting than a modern, urban setting.

I don’t really have an approach. Usually if its an animal I’m trying to take a picture of I obviously try very hard not to move and scare it away. This makes it hard to get a lot of angles of the same picture. I try to work with weird angles and lighting. They make for the coolest photos. I also haven’t perfected the selfie yet. I probably never will.

It’s very rare for me to be able to capture a feeling or meaning in a photo. Sometimes, if not most of the time, I do it accidentally and never realize it until I’m reviewing the photos.

After viewing all the resources I think I can improve on a lot of things. Perhaps I can use the lighting to my benefit. I could also try to get even crazier with my angles and lighting. Maybe I should pay more attention to what goes on around me so I can capture more mesmerizing moments of time.

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