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I started taking photos six years ago and what made it easy is the new smart phones technology that allowed almost anyone to have access to a camera; sooner I bought my first professional camera Nikon D5100. Since then I go every weekend around downtown DC and take photos or to the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg. Taking photos is not only a habit, but also one of my favorite hobbies that I enjoy doing more than anything else. I used to take photos in anything that is pleasant appealing to my eyes, but thin I noticed that photography is not just about capturing pictures; it is about capturing a story that leaves the viewer with lots of thought and wonders. Becoming a Better Photographer from 106 handbooks mentions that as will. Anyone can take photos but not anyone can grab the viewer’s attention with the piece they capture. I think the most important tactic that I need to improve to take good pictures is to use Time-Lapse at the right time. Time-Laps is a tactic and feature that is known among photographers. Apple offers that features in its latest additions of iPhone, iPod and iPad. Which gives the photo taker the ability to take an action that happens in a much longer time to make it appear faster such as sunset and sunrise, dog jumping.



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