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Plot Twist

3 stars

The piece I decided to write an alternative ending to is The Wild Party by Joseph Moncure March. I choose this piece for multiple reasons, one being I like to read poetry, 2 everyone else was doing “The Postman Always Rings Twice,” and lastly because I was really disappointed with the way the poem ended! I was looking for a little more drama and heartbreak. So I went again and did an ending to the story in poetic form, like the author, but with a different twist.

“Look out!” shot Queenie’s warning scream:

“Look out! — he’s got a gun!

Look out!”

Black made for him with a shout.

The gun roared and a loud shrilled

No one knew who he had killed.

Black grabbed Queenie by the wrist and took her last breath with his

final kiss.

The gun hit the floor

and Burrs bolted out the door.

He grabbed Alex by the hand

while saying good bye to the band.

Then right on cue,  the cops showed up to check on the noise complaint,

Little did they know they arrived too late.

Burrs was gone and so was Queenie,

Black kissed her lips and closed her eyes ever so cleanly.

Black reported to the cops what had happened

but he was not stopping until he got the revenge satisfaction.

I chose to make this an open ended ending, I like when there is a chance for something further to be written about and to leave a cliff hanger to wonder what Black is going to next! It leaves an aura of mystery and thrill.  I made it so Queenie died in the end because that is how I was actually expecting the story to go because of how abusive and how irate and jealous Burrs was with her hanging out with Black. Also, making Black look like the hero by wanted to avenge his lady who he had just met, I thought that made their love look more sincere.


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