straight down the line

Postcard From The Past


The letter that I chose was from a World War II marine who died in a special mission against the nazi’s. This letter shows his true fears of this upcoming assignment and that he is practically saying goodbye to his mother and family and saying sorry to them for this. It is almost like a suicidal note because the mission was known as a suicidal mission, they didn’t think anyone would end up alive.

I am relating this to my character, Mr. Bruno Longfellow.

Longs is a private detective, always putting his life on the line for other people, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. He tries to always put on a tough front where he doesn’t let anything in or bother him, but some missions are scarier then others, some are more life threatening then others. On one particular night, he reaches out to his father in jail and writes a letter to him saying that he is sorry for everything he did as a child, but what he is about to do is for the best. This is when longs goes on the worst night of his life, he has to get in the middle of a drug deal with two gangs to save his current girlfriend. He risks his life knowing the possible consequences, just as the marine did. He knew what he owed to the world and he had to fulfill that duty, no matter the risk.

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