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‘Potentially Historic’ Accuracy of ‘Potentially Historic’ Snowstorm Prediction Possible- The Onion’d Article

Meteorologists from across the country are in a flurry after the realization of the ‘Potentially Historic’ Accuracy of the ‘Potentially Historic’ Snowstorm that has been vaguely predicted to hit “somewhere in the Northeast” at “somepoint this week” and dump “some significant amount of snow.” Weathermen originally predicted that we could possibly see somewhere between 6 and 78 inches of snow in some parts of the country this week all as part of a single storm. “We’re going to call it a blizzard,” exclaimed one excited weatherman, who apparently is unaware that that word has been in existence for hundreds of years.

Excitement only heightened in the land of meteorology this morning when areas in the Northeast reported seeing clouds in the sky, and observing temperatures below 32 degrees. “It’s tough to put it into words, what the last 24 hours has been like,” a weatherman from Trenton, NJ told our reporters. “The idea of actually making a prediction about the weather, however vague, and to have that prediction actually come to fruition, well, that’s the kind of stuff you can only dream about.”

We will see if this alleged “blizzard” actually comes to pass, or if all of the overhyping will be for nothing. I am told that one meteorologist in Massachusetts got so beside himself that he actually tried to explain to his coworkers about a specific county whose snowfall amount he thought he could pinpoint to within 12 inches. That man was immediately fired. As for us, we’re rooting for meteorologists everywhere.

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