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Princesses silently walking to Paper Houses

Here is my daily creates post for the week. My first one this week was to make my own version of 2048. Having been addicted to this game finals week Spring 2014, I was so excited to make my own version. So staying true to my blog, I made a Disney princess version of the game, which starts with the first Disney Princess Snow White, and ends with the most recent princess (or queen), Elsa. I can proudly say I have been able to get Elsa once. I am a little sad, however, that this daily create has made re-addicted to this game.

2048 disney princess

For my second daily create, I made a video about silence, where I recorded my silent walk home. Night can be super peaceful. I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with this prompt, but I tried my best.

The last daily create I chose to do was making a paper sculpture. I chose to make a paper house, something I did often in my childhood. I filmed it and then fast-forwarded the process.

I’m hoping to get to do more visual daily creates next week. I enjoy them much more than the video and audio ones.

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