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Radio Bumper- I hope you enjoy

Here is the radio bumper assignment that is 2 1/2 points.
I have a very soft voice and can usually make it sound creepy when I want to so I wanted to do that for the ds106 radio bumper. I started saying “ds106 radio” but I felt that I needed to add more to what I was saying. I then said “this is ds106 radio”. Both were okay but I wasn’t really liking either of them. I decided on the final result because I thought it sounded the best and was the most noir style bumper. The music I found was from and can be found here. I wanted to use piano music because I feel that is has the best noir style and fit with my voice well. I also think that it sounds the coolest.
I had a couple problems getting the audio to export because it kept telling me that it would export as two different files. I ended up looking up different tutorials on YouTube and was able to solve my problems.
So, here’s my radio bumper.

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