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Radio Recording

This is for the daily create for today in which we had to record ourselves doing a radio broadcast from the past. I do not have much of a creative mind, so I used one of the ones from the past that was offered to us. I used the Americans At Work one, Circa 1939, The Librarian. I liked the story line of it and it reminded me of todays society where there are different kinds of kids, you have the mean ones, the ones who don’t try but make fun of those who do try and the ones who don’t try at all but are completely jealous. I also liked how passionate the librarian was about her job and how into it she was, she didn’t mind being asked to do something different and she loved her job so much. She is what I aspire to be when I grow older and have a real job in the real world, passionate and loving all around and helpful to those around me.

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