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Radio Show Brainstorm: SUPERNoir!

A few weeks ago, I was inspired by my fellow classmates, the world of superheroes, and my newly acquired knowledge about the world of film noir and was doing a bit of midnight musing.

Something I am interested in exploring in the coming weeks is the style of noir and how it works within the genre of superhero movies and television. I have recently ventured into the superhero fandom due to the birth of the CW’s latest show The Flash, and when studying the list of character tropes found in noir, I thought about characters from other superhero worlds as well. In Megan’s post “Film Noir, Ya Filthy Animal”, our conversation about the protagonist’s constant struggle between darkness and light, and how that struggle is also found throughout the themes of noir itself, also reminded me of many a classic superhero. When I was developing Cat’s backstory, I had a sort of Captain America vibe in mind as to what happened with Wally and what might be happening to Beau, so I am going to continue to go where my intrigue takes me by really starting to study superhero movies and shows and research how the style of film noir might apply to the world of superheroes.

I am now thinking that this is a direction that I really want to travel in for my radio show. Specifically, I would explore the characters & their typical tropes, storytelling devices, and also general cinematographic effects, angles, and edits in two more modern shows — Arrow and The Flash — as well as two still modern shows with a little vintage vibe to them — the Captain America movies and it’s TV spinoff, Agent Carter. My ultimate goal will be to inspire my fellow DS106ers that noir’s not dead and a lot of it’s qualities are still used in modern day entertainment.

So let’s be super together :).





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