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Radio Show Brainstorm

We were asked to make up some radio show ideas this week. I have a few that I thought would be fun to do in a group. Since we have characters that we have created and the concept of noir as a element of our class, I wanted to create ideas that could use those elements.
My first idea is to expand on the characters’ emotions and personalities by having them talk about random events and things. Another idea would be to have them meet and the radio show would be them talking about their past adventures. I think this would be interesting because students would be able to expand on their characters by writing side stories of things that people may not see. It also gives the students the ability to have each of their characters interact with each other.
One idea that doesn’t have to do with the characters would be to have the group discuss the concept of noir found through the media outlets that we have been using in class. It would be interesting to discuss things that haven’t been said already about noir and hear everyone’s opinions on noir. And the last idea would to have a discussion about the noir writings and films that we have seen in the class and just have a discussion.
Overall, I think it would be fun to talk about noir and discuss the characters we have created.

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