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Radio Show Idea

Many noir radio shows were based from movies, but what about going in a different direction and basing it on a book? I’ve really been scratching my head all week trying to figure out an idea for a radio show. This morning I was talking to one of my friends who’s a Spanish/English double major about a book I had previously read in high school that I thought she’d like. While talking about it, I realized how the time scheme of the book is very noir and thought hey wait a minute, why not a radio show based from the ideas and stylistic elements of this book, Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

So as of now, my idea is pretty loss. I’d like to take the jumping around from multiple perspectives aspect of Chronicle of a Death Foretold and apply those to a radio murder show. I definitely think the biggest challenge is setting it up so that the audio clearly indicates what is going on in the story and at what time point it’s at. The other important element that made the book so good was that you knew exactly how it was going to end. But you had no idea where it started or how it progressed. Gradually, throughout the story you learn how it began, how it progressed, and finally learn what happened at the climax.

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