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Rap Trends and Orange Soda


This assignment really had my creative juices flowing. With twitter trends being something I check up on everyday, I thought it would be fun to write a poem that included the current trends. Well, writing this at around 10 pm gives you a lot of TV show trends….which are hard to work with when you have NO IDEA what they mean. But here are the trends at the moment I screenshotted them!

trending in the USA

Now, some of these trends were fun to work with, and others? Well I’m sure you’ll be able to tell in my poem/rap song which ones I struggled with. But here we go! 

I have way too much power so this line is at the top,

But it’s an introduction so lets let the beat drop

The 90s in 4 words? Come on you threw hard ball.

Who loves orange soda? But I Gotta catchem’ all?

Now you want something hard? Swallowing the facts isn’t fun

But the facts are so real, if you’re not honest you should run.

If you’re gonna keep running its best you stay far away

Cause liars don’t get hugs on National Hug Day.

When Barack Obama makes this holiday official

We will Ask Andrew if it’ll really be beneficial.

BUT HOLD ON WHO IS AT LAX? Louis and Eleanor have arrived?

Without this knowledge I most definitely wouldn’t have survived!

Now back to national hugging, will Bobby Jackson be invited?

I think I saw him once, and I would love to be reunited.

#SKINstead isn’t a real thing… but this trend has the cast elated,

I guess I’d have to watch the show to make this line related.

To finish up this story, I’m sure you’d really like to know,

What happened to the liar who ran right into a freak show.

Well if you really need to know here is the honest truth,

You can find his fate on the AHS Finale, but don’t watch it with your youth.

*note the trends are underlined.

I had so much fun writing this, but it definitely wasn’t easy. I think the hardest part was figuring out what the hashtags I didn’t know meant…. #SKINstead? What? After careful research (aka google) I still have not figured out what it actually means. I do know that it comes from Chicago PD, and Sophia Bush (who should ditch Chicago and head back to Tree Hill) was SO EXCITED that it was trending. The other one I struggled with was power top. I also really don’t know what that is..but I made it work. That was part of this assignment. One I liked working with included National Hug Day. Who doesn’t love hugs? Also, finding rhymes with day proved to be pretty easy. For 4 words that describe the 90s, I tried doing 4 individual words, but I thought these two phrases fit perfectly. [Who loves orange soda? But I Gotta catchem’ all?] 


Orange Soda

You had to make everything fit together somehow, which was a challenge. Also, let’s be real. Who cares that Louis and Eleanor are at LAX? Those directioners take over twitter way too often..(but if you wanted to steal his girl, knowing where they were would be the first step). Another thing I found challenging was rhyming. Now I know that raps and poems don’t necessarily have to rhyme, but I’m really picky and prefer it to rhyme. It definitely looks neater and in my opinion flows better. If you struggle, like me, to come up with rhymes, I reccommend using RhymeZone. You just type in the word you want to find a rhyme for and it breaks it down BY SYLLABLE and if the word has no rhymes, it will try and find like rhymes, which are also a great substitute. I spent a lot of time on RhymeZone mostly because I would have a word set, but then I couldn’t find a rhyming word that fit the poem. So by trying different options I was able to create my masterpiece.

This assignment seemed fun and challenging, which is one of the main reasons I chose it. I love to be creative and work with words (it is a lot different than working with numbers, which is what I’m used to). It is important to be able to work with what is going on around you. Twitter trends are constantly changing, and it really gives you a sense of what people are talking about, and what is really important to people. Twitter is a great outlet for these kinds of things. Staying up to date on what is hip, or what is concerning people, or just what people are interested in helps you stay connected with the world, which is important. While you might not care that Eleanor and Louis have arrived in LAX, it is obviously a big enough deal that it would be trending nationwide (or just a bunch of 12 year olds have been tweeting obsessively). But either way, it is still something that is happening where we live, and you never know who you will meet the next day that has a connection to it!

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