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Reading about Audio

Oh my goodness I didn’t think that reading was ever going to end.  Reading “Radio Noir in the USA” made me realize how much I hate reading (lol).  I wasn’t very interested in the piece at all but got the gist of what was being said.  Radio dramas are made for people who have a very creative imagination and that enjoy making up their own scenes.  Me, I like not having to think about what I’m listening to, so I’m more of a fan of films.  That’s the big difference between film noir and radio noir.  The people who like film noir like it because they are given the visual of the scene and don’t have to put much effort into the thought of it, but the people who like radio noir like it because their imagination can run wild with all the different possibilities of scenes and visuals that the dialogue creates in their mind.  That’s why I think radio noir wasn’t as popular as the films, for that very reason.  Being on this planet for almost 20 years, I have found out that people will take the easiest way out of things that they can and watching a movie (as opposed to listening to audio and creating the movie in your head) is the easy way out.  I’m the same way but after listening to ds106radio on Tuesday night, I can see why many people do enjoy listening to the programs.  They’re interesting, inviting and suspenseful because, unlike a movie, you can’t predict what is going to happen next based on the actors gestures.  You have to create your own interpretation of the dialogue and think of what could happen next.  Nowadays, people don’t even really use radio for radio dramas.  Everything on the radio now is just music or news, etc.  It’s crazy to think that just over 50 years ago, people were sitting at their kitchen tables listening to the radio dramas instead of watching them on tv, whereas now, watching tv is all that we tend to do because the radio doesn’t offer the same dramas that they used to and the television is where all the drama is.

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