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Real Eyes See Cats Camouflaged in Space

Daily Creates really helps your creative side show itself.  I definitely had A LOT of fun working on them this week.

On Tuesday, the goal was to wear camouflage, or camouflage yourself in some way. Now being from NY, Camo is not really a part of my wardrobe. I’ve never actually worn something camo. So i chose the next best thing, aka Giraffe Print. Giraffes are my favorite animal and so I had a lot of printed things and stuffed giraffes lying around. So here that is.


On Wednesday, the challenge was to place a cat on a synthesizer in space…. WHAT? My first reaction was “this is so random who came up with this.” Then I decided if I was going to use a cat, I wouldn’t just pull one from google. I would feature Pierre, my main squeeze.

pierre in space!

On Friday, the challenge was to take an eye selfie and become part of the art installation, which I did. This eye selfie includes my eyes 3x with 3 filters cause why not?

real eyes, realize, real lies.


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