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Red Lips and Blue Eyes Makes for a Nice Disguise

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.

That was Emma Marie Callaghan’s motto. For a girl who grew up in the slums of Boston you would think her thoughts about life would be a little more gruesome. But Emma sees enough horrible things because of her work. Being a forensic technician for the Boston Police Department, there isn’t much that she hasn’t seen.

Growing up her parents provided all that they could for their two sons and two daughters. Money was always tight, and sometimes so was food. There were many days when Emma had to go without a good meal. Her clothes never seemed to fit right and led to bullying from her peers. However, she was never one to back down and got into a lot of fights.

In her senior year of high school her father, Joseph Brennan, got into a bad car accident. He passed away after many days of suffering from brain damage. Her mother, Patricia Brennan, was driven mad by grief and never came out of it. Emma always thought the death of her father seemed suspicious. He was a great driver with so very little on his driving record. He even made sure everyone was buckled before he even started the car. So why then did the police officer in charge of the accident say, “If he would have been wearing his seat belt he might still be alive.”?

After graduating high school her brothers, who were police officers for BPD, got her a job working with forensics. On her third case she met a homicide detective by the name of Brian Callaghan. At first they never got along, always cursing and hating on each other. In time they got to know each other. They would have drinks at the Irish pub down the street from the police station, where Emma would always have a Guinness. She told him about her love for chocolate, how her favorite book was To Kill a Mockingbird, and she even told him about her father’s pocket watch that she always keeps on her. They fell in love and were married one year later.

Things since then have been looking up for Emma. However, lately she’s been feeling like someone is constantly watching her. Every time she turns to see who it is there is no one there. Who is this person? And what do they want with Emma?

Emma Marie

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