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Reflect on Noir and Visual Storytelling

Just the black and white effects of both films start the feeling of noir and you just know that the film is going to be dark and mysterious. You automatically expect crime and sultry characters. So the cinematography does a pretty good job capturing for the time frame these films were produced in. Expectations now are so different and instead of film capturing and very little could be done to edit that other than a total retake now the digital recording and all the editing features are awesome.

I chose The Hitch Hiker because it sounded pretty cool and I had tried that once in my younger days and wasn’t to fond of it. The movie was still interesting if you like the mysterious, danger on the streets, coupled with the buildings and limited lighting way off in the back ground. It almost looks like it could be storming way back at the end of the street.

Snapshot 1

The required film the Killer’s Kiss I enjoyed watching and liked the effects and how the setting was dark, shadows, very dim lighting, of course buildings and streets, and gloomy at the right times like the murder scene as shown in both my still shots.

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

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