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reflecting on my photography

My experience with photography is pretty limited. Most of the photos I take are on my phone. I used to have a digital camera when I was younger and I would take pictures of people or anything that looked cool. I especially enjoyed pictures of nature and would try to get mine to look like those in magazines. I still have a digital camera now, but I mostly use it for pictures on long vacations so I don’t fill up my phones memory and so I can go through them whenever I’m ready.

In the pictures I take now, mostly using my phone, I’m not always trying to capture specific feelings. I still love to take pictures of nature, and I think in those you can capture certain feelings without even trying to. I also love to take picture of animals, specifically mine or ones I spend a lot of time with.

A lot of the photographs I take are also a means of documentation. Some are injuries, other are my notes, and more are just proof of something happening.

One of my favorite things to do at random times is to mess with angles and see how the change an object. Some times I do it with regular pictures and portraits, too, just to make them seem a little more interesting.

Below are 3 photos I think represent some of these, first is one of my cats who looks like he has a lot more going on than he actually does since he had been sick, second is a pond in Vermont that is one of the nature pictures I believe evokes an emotion itself, and the third is a photo of shoes with a fun angle.





In the Becoming a Better Photographer section, the things that I would most like to try were getting pickier, changing my perspective, and creating contrasts. I think adding and improving upon these 3 elements would be a fun way to practice and improve my photograph skills.

In Jason Eskenazi’s video, one thing that really grabbed my attention was using math terms to describe his pictures. I thought the uses of geometry and parallelism were very cool and I definitely want to try working with those themes.

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photography is unlike any I’ve seen before. His photos definitely evoke the feelings of noir as well as capture its tone. I hope some of my pictures can end up looking like his!

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