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Reflection On Noir..

1. Killer’s Kiss

The way noir is displayed in this film is by the very strong use of a deep black and white scheme of colors within the entire film. Also, the use of dark shadows and extreme shadow use is also very apparent in this film. Also the strong sense of drama in this film which is very important in relation to noir, like when Gloria is being attacked by Vincent in the room and Davey tries to come to help, though just a little too late. Also, the ending kill of Vincent in order to save Gloria leads to the real theme that is also associated with noir, which is the idea of a very strong, sexually displayed drama with a final end of some sort of crime whether it be murder or something else. I think we can capture the feelings and emotions by the way the camera angles are laid out and the intense close ups in some scenes and what they end up showing and what they do not end up showing.

2. He Walked By Night

To start, just by the cover of the movie that I looked up we see strong elements of noir, from the lighting from one side, the gun, the expression on the mans face and how closely the camera angle portrays his emotion. Right off the bat it is noted as a noir film due to the fact we are looking for a man who shot and killed two police officers, just the sense of drama and crime makes it a noir piece to start. The film is also filmed in black and white coloring and the darkness of it relates to noir. It can best be described as a high tension crime triller in which Roy Morgan shoots and wounds a police officer when he was stopped due to suspicionĀ of bulgury, from there on it just leads to a intense crime filled movie. Even with the music displayed and the sounds, it gives us the dark and very uneasy feeling while watching it.


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