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Reflection on Week Two: Writing Noir


I definitely enjoyed writing noir material this week, especially creating the character dossier. In the back of my mind, I have been wanting to create a character like I created Sebastian Crane and I’m very happy that I finally got to really put him on a page. It has been really fun showing my friends my character and when I showed them a writing assignment that showed him in action, they started asking me when the next story will come out.boss-fw14-870w-post-2 I am curious as to where the next few weeks will take me with regards to developing my character and his life story more. Here is the link to his dossier: (

Reading the noir stories further enlightened me as to how noir works. Seeing noir elements in the film section last week helped when I was reading this week. It helped me notice common elements of noir, such as male dominance, water symbolism, etc (I addressed this in my weekly blog post ).

I liked doing some of the writing assignments this week as well as the Daily Creates. Again, one was used to further develop Sebastian Crane and I chose to do the prompt titled “Postcards of the Past” to show the close relationship between Sebastian and his younger brother Donovan as he sees him in the hospital after he had been injured in combat ( I also chose to the the writing assignment titled “Monologue of a Household Tool” and I wrote from the refrigerator’s perspective in a monologue called “A Chilly Love Story” ( The final writing assignment was to rewrite the ending of one of the noir stories we read for this week. I chose to rewrite the ending of “The Wild Party,” by having Queenie and Black successfully hide from the police, yet she falls off the slick roof and she comes to figure out that she had a premonition about the events to come at the party that same night. I chose to keep the format and pace of the poem structure in my alternate ending since I did not want to have discontinuity in my re-telling. (

As for the Daily Creates, I completed the following 3:

  1. My lovely yodel: (
  2. My drawing of a cat on a synthesizer in space: (
  3. Personal eye picture: (

I also posted most of my Daily Creates on my Twitter and posted my character dossier on my Facebook for my friends to see. I recently put a comment on a post called “I See the Light” (

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