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Rhi and Ty: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You



For my first assignment this week I chose to do the “Me and Bae” visual challenge. In this we had to create a photo from a picture of a famous couple of ourselves and our “bae”. I had a lot of fun making this picture. My boyfriend and I recently watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. As soon as I saw this assignment I new I would have to do it. I had a bit of a hard time with the editing. I actually made this image at least 30 times before getting it at least semi-decent. The bae’s last name is Rogers and I’m always joking with him about the popular TV show, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. My inspiration came from that TV show and the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I took the movie poster and did some layering with the logo from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood then I layered on me and Tyler’s faces. Though it was a tedious process, it was an enjoyable one. Here is a link to the original assignment:

(Two and a half points)

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