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Sarah Mustard–not your average condiment

Sarah Mustard was born March 14, 1923 in Hartford, Connecticut. She was your typical, military brat growing up. Her father, the Colonel, traveled all over the world fighting for his country in the World Wars, while Sarah remained at home with whatever nanny was working that month, as her mother had passed away after Sarah was born. They lived in a nice home in a good part of the city, but because Sarah was an only child with little family around. She kept mostly to herself and was extremely introverted. She occupied her time watching other members of her communicating and observing their behaviors. It was during this time that she developed her ability to read others in the world around her. She learned all of the hidden secrets of the town of Hartford, yet she had no one to tell them to until she met Robert Martin, the love of her life.

They met at the park. He caught her spying on some of the high society girls in their class. At the time she had been mortified at someone knowing her secret, but she soon realized that Robert was intrigued rather than disgusted. They grew close, and soon Sarah learned what it was like to have someone speak with all the time, not just when her father was on leave. But not long into their relationship, Robert was drafted in World War II and Sarah was alone again. It wasn’t too long after that Sarah learned of Robert’s dreadful fate overseas, and found out she was pregnant with the late Robert’s child. Sarah then realized she had no choice but to leave town and give birth to her illegitimate child in secret.

She gave her daughter up for adoption to a nice family living in a suburb of Los Angeles, but broke off any further contact. She was not cut-out to be a mother. However, Sarah did remain in Los Angeles. She found a job working for a Private Investigator there, where she was able to use her talents of sleuthing and actually get paid for it. She is content with her job now, and enjoys being able to watch people for a living, since, as it turns out, the residents of Los Angeles are far more interesting than those of Hartford. Sarah keeps close tabs on the goings-on in Connecticut though (especially her father’s impending murder investigation). Sarah has also watched her daughter, who is now 10, grow up from afar as well, never wishing to reveal her true identity. Now at the age of 29, Sarah is still lonely and struggles to make friends, since her observation skills and introversion has the tendency to scare people away from her. She is, however, not unattractive, being tall and thin with darker features. She tends to let her dark hair fall over her eyes in order to hide herself from others. She prefers to wear neutral tones in order to not attract attention to herself, which is very good for her job, but not for her lack of personal relationships. One day, however Sarah may finally be able to form some sort of relationship again. But only if she doesn’t accidentally fall in the middle of whatever crimes or misgivings she is spying on that week.

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