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Sasha’s Reminders

Writing post-it notes and grocery lists is something I do all the time, so completing the “post-it notes and grocery lists!” assignment (2 pts) is pretty natural (I just had to make notes that my character would make). Sasha Kellogg definitely would make post-it notes for herself. She is very intelligent, and when people tell her things she writes them down so she can remember later. In doing this assignment, I can get inside Sasha’s head and understand more about her day-to-day life, instead of only hammering out the big picture stuff, and makes her character more its

Because of her background, I figured that she goes to church, and part of getting involved in church is making baked goods for picnics or bake sales. According to these post-its, she is going to make a meatloaf, and some of her groceries reflect ingredients for a meatloaf. Additionally, her to-do list includes paying rent. she lives in an apartment, so she would make a note to remember to pay it. Other notes may include random things that Sasha needs to do or a number she needs to remember. She always reminds herself to smile, because sometimes she comes home after a terrible day and seeing a post-it note saying “smile” brightens her day. Sasha is usually neat and tidy, in appearance and in mannerisms. Therefore, her post-it notes would always be lined up and written neatly. None of them would be on top of each other.

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