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Second Week Summary

This week was very busy week. I am so proud of myself for finishing the assignments! I personally enjoyed all of the assignments for this week. Almost all of it involved the creativeness. Before I write a character dossier, from the link that posted on the noir106 website helped me to create a character. From this website, called the TVTropes site, I learned that there are many characters and tropes that associated with Film Noir. However, I could thought about the other characters but I never thought that Femme Fetal can be one of the character that associated with Noir. As I create a

I really loved yodeling assignment from the daily create. I was kind of embarassed, but it was one of the easiest and funniest assignment I had before. Record my voice of yodeling, and upload the file on soundcloud and share it on my blog, it took me less than 5 minutes. I would never forget this assingment.

Among the assignment bank, there was writing assignment called 10 seconds of thanks. I thought that it would be really easy assignment and takes only 10 seconds to finish it, but it was harder than I expected. I could write only 3 senteces in 10 seconds. Also, I could not think of anything except family, friend and health. 10 seconds were kind of short for me to think about all the things and people that I am thankful for.

Creating a picture of a cat playing on syntesizers in space was harder than I thought. Also, it drove me crazy. I had not know how to use photoshop and my computer does not have any kind of program that can help me with the assignment professionally. So I tried to download a program but could not find any free program so I tried to find how I am going to do it. I found a program called paint program and did the assignment. But the problem was I didn’t know how to use it. I tried to cut the pictures of a cat and syntesizer the shape of itself but it did not work. So, it ended up with resize the pictures and put those together on the picture of space. Next day, I figured out how to cut any picture as its shape! It was easier than I thought..

a cat on syntesizers in space

It is kind of not profassional (you can see the white edge from cat and syntesizer) but my photoshop skill got better. :)

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