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Short Story Using 10 Random Words

This is a short story assignment about an animal using ten random words from a word generator. I don’t think it will be published by a professional but it is a good effort…These are the words: fighter, swallow, rush, counting, magazine, volunteer, vital, salary, faithful, and million.

Being a volunteer fire fighter John was struggling to find a woman who would be able to deal with his vigorous schedule and lack of salary. To cope with his depression, he got a Labrador retriever named Buster. Buster quickly became a vital component of John’s life. John soon found out that Buster was one in a million and could not be replaced. Buster’s only downfall was that he tried to eat everything that John owned. One day as John was on duty, Buster went into the bathroom and started to eat a magazine that was sitting in the basket. It was something that he did all the time but this particular magazine had  sample cologne that Buster decided to swallow. John had to come home early due to food poisoning and he found Buster sick on the floor of the bathroom.  He knew that Buster was counting on him for his survival so he rushed him to the vet and saved his life. Buster was extremely faithful to john and his belongings after that day and they lived happily.

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