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Short Story with random words and animal(s)

Write What You Cannot Say

Once upon a time, in a far land where only Birds live. There was a Caregiver chicken who was hired to take care of the old poet duck and make sure he is stable and take his painkillers on time.

“Can I get you anything before I live. Mr.Duck” Chicken said while getting ready to leave.

Mr.Duck did not reply;

“Mr.Duck  you need to talk! I’m afraid this will not help with your sickness” Chicken said worried.

Mr.Duck looked at the Chicken and shaker his head to tell her he does not need anything.

” Okay Mr.Duck I’m gonna leave you know but I promise if you just go back and start writing poems again, you will feel better and decontaminate” Chicken continued”I left your notebook and a pen at the table next to you, you might want to start tonight.”

When the Chicken left the Duck alone that night dusk was falling, and it was raining hard. Mr.Duck kept staring at the rain falling from the window facing his bed.

He looked at the notebook and started Writing,

“The colors she brought to my life, 

The joy to brought to my home,

The happiness she brought to my life,

Because of you I write again,

Because of you I want to live again,

Take me in your hands…

Love me with your hart…

your soul…

and your eyes…

Lovesick Duck!”

Mr.Duck that night closed his eyes and never opened them back again…



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Random Words are: Caregiver, Poet, Chicken, Duck, Painkiller, Decontamination, Colors, Happy, Lovesick, Because


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