straight down the line

Sir, can I please see inside your bag?

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The what’s in my bag challenge wasn’t all that hard – but having to incorporate my noir character into it made it much more difficult. First, I had to find materials that would actually represent my character, which was harder than I thought it would be. I scoured my room trying to find little things that would 1) define my character and 2) actually be something anyone could carry around on a typical day.

After I gathered the items, it was also difficult organizing them in a way that everything was easily visible in the visual. This was not as easy as I thought because I wanted to make sure each item was recognizable and in sight.

The easiest part was writing up the items. I really enjoy writing as the noir character, and this challenge offered another interesting way to bring more description to the personality of my character.





Well, here’s what’s in my bag. I’m not sure why everyone thought they needed to know this, but I’m never one to not accomplish a project that’s given to me. What we have are just the typical things I carry around during my days. We have the current book I’m reading – complete with comprehensive notations and earmarks of particular areas that I have found interesting, inspiring, or confusing.

I also have my notebook for notes and sketches that I need to get down immediately. Accompanying that always is my favorite pen, given to me by Mrs. Delvey, my neighbor from back in Rhode Island.

I have a few New Yorkers, something that reminds me I’m a part of this city. I have a backup pair of glasses in case of emergencies and a pair of sunglasses in the unfortunate case that the sun is out. I also have a large black raincoat in the fortunate case that the clouds are out.

Finally, I have my box of matches that go along with that horrible cigarette habit of mine. I really need to cut that out, but haven’t found the time yet.

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