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Sorry Dots

this post is going to be a summary of my two daily creates for this week. For the first one I chose the I’m sorry picture in which I typed over a photo of the New England Patriots. I thought this was funny although I realize some people may not enjoy it. Either way it was done in good humor rather than to be offensive, so I hope some of you enjoy it!


To make this picture all I did was open it up on my computer and put a text box over top and then change the font saved it and uploaded it flickr.


In My┬ásecond daily create I chose was international dot day For this one, I thought it would be clever to make a dot of my pillow pet whose name happens to be “Dot.” Dot is a bumblebee whose gender sometimes changes. For the most part I think he’s a boy but on occasion when I like it better he gets to be a girl. However, since his stuffed animal, I don’t think this really affects his mentality at all.

dot the pillow pet

To create my dot of Dot, I opened this picture up on my computer and the editor and I cropped it into a circle then save that and I’ll put it to Flickr.


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