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Starting a new project and the end of college

Today I started the first last day of my undergraduate time at UMW as a political science and journalism double major. While I’m taking this class, I’m also internship FULL TIME in DC, so I’m sure a lot of my projects will show my long commute, broken metro rides and beautiful D.C. Landscapes. So here is my social media, and a little glimpse into who I am:
Twitter: I love twitter. I almost always tweet political rants/things I do for the school paper. Because of that, I set up a different twitter, just for this class in order to keep myself focused! I tweeted this right when I got back from DC today! 

Soundcloud: Music is something I always enjoy. I always tell people that I love any music that isn’t country, screamo, or hard rock. After that, I will listen to almost anything. Below is my new favorite cover, originally by Sam Smith, but covered by an amazing performer. I heard it today while I was commuting (See, I told you it would come up very often!) 

Flickr: I posted several pictures from things that I did last year while in school in over the summer. It features things like when I taught public speaking at Harvard, worked at C-SPAN (which is where I got this picture), or just saw beautiful things around! This picture is from the Supreme Court (it is Sandra Day O’Conner). Last year, while working with C-SPAN I spent countless hours walking back and forth to the Court for my boss. Something I am sure will become very obvious is that I am obsessed with the news and media. 


Speaking of media and politics. This past semester, I spent time writing my senior thesis in political science on the Media’s Coverage of Ferguson in regards to race. This is a video I made with some of the data points turned into a graph and uploaded to Vimeo


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