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Still Shots of Noir

Noir Still 1

My fist still was taken in a bathroom. You can see the shower curtain left barely open, the strange puddle of water seeping out of the shower, and the “forgotten” knife left on the toilet. Maybe this was work of a possessed, cynical cop killer. The shot portrays an extreme level of uneasiness and there is definitely more thanĀ  just what the picture captured. Incredibly dark and gloomy!

Noir Still 2

This next shot features a bottle of Whiskey, a freshly poured glass of whiskey, a tobacco product, a knife, and playing cards. These elements become important in creating a shady and unsettling situation. Brings questions like “Who is here?” and “What happens next?” to the table. Also relates to my created character, Gambino de Luca. The lighting on the bottle and the can of tobacco is also very noir in my opinion.

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