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Story With Sound Effects

This was a required audio assignment for this week and needed to be done from the point of view of our character. Here’s the link to this assignment:

This ended up being a lot more challenging than I thought. Not only in the sense of creating this with Audacity, but because I realized I haven’t given my character enough substance. I’m not very creative so this is all a big challenge for me.

Anyhow, here’s the short clip I put together. I’ll explain it below but wanted to give you the chance to listen to it first before I just tell you what it’s supposed to be.

So, since Lena is a veterinarian student, this sound clip it supposed to go through a short part of her day. In the clip, Lena walks in the door to be greeted by a dog bark. She then puts on her latex gloves in order to give the dog a shot. The dog whimpers during the shot. Once it’s over, Lena kisses the dog three times and then goes and gets a treat from the treat jar. She gives the dog the treat and it eats it right away. The dog then goes and gives Lena big slobbery kisses and she can’t help but laugh.

Although it was a very basic idea, it was still extremely difficult task to do. Definitely not going under my “best work” category, but it was cool to really start to understand Audacity and downloading sounds from

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