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Storytelling Collage Duck Hunt




Telling a story in a collage, creating a story for someone to view.  3 points

This collage is telling the story of a duck hunt with my buddy before he left to Tennessee this winter break.

Top right and middle top right:

We left the boat launch at 4 in the morning in order to get to the blind early enough to break up all the ice so we could lay the decoys. By 7:30 all the ice we broke up re froze and we had to go out in the water and break up the ice so the birds would be interested in landing in our decoy spread. While we were out there breaking up the ice, there were thousands of birds flying which is just a sight the not everyone gets a chance to see.

Bottom middle right:

Once we were done breaking all the ice, we were having better luck with calling the birds in to land in our spread. This picture shows us calling both birds and geese.

Bottom right:

The day we went was a full moon which cause some of the worst tides and because the majority of the river was frozen, it became a mud flat where we where hunting during low tide. All of our decoys that were floating in about 4 feet of water were sitting on top of mud at the lowest point of low tide. This also caused us to stay a little longer than planned because out boat was beach as well which made it extremely difficult to push out.


This is a picture of my buddy Regan and I with the birds that we got for the day. We got 7 ducks and a goose; a mallard drake, two mallard hens, a teal and other assorted birds.


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