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Storytelling Collage

Telling a story in a collage, creating a story for someone to view

Storytelling Collage

3 Points!


Top Left:

My brother and I head to the dock at 5am to pick up the boat. Our friends at the marina grab the crane and our boat is being lifted out of the water. We back the trailer to the ramp and the boat is placed on the trailer. On to the next spot!

Middle Left:

We get to the water around 630am and we’re┬áready to go. We fire up the engine and off we go.

Bottom Left:

This is a picture of my brother driving the boat. Wind in our faces and reaching speeds of 60mph. Living the dream.


This is a picture of myself holding a Charleston SC redfish. We fished for around 20 minutes before the first bite but this fish decided he wanted the top water popper. It was a good fight and a good start to our long day on the water.

This collage tells the story of a summer down in Charleston South Carolina. My brother and myself have a huge love for fishing and if we could do it everyday we would. I created this collage using an application of my phone called picstitch. It was very easy to use and I think the best way to create this collage. This was an interesting assignment not only using the application but it brought back memories from our vacation and is making me want to skip over winter!

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