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Summary Week One

This class has taught me so much already, I have never used, written, or let alone created a blog before. I still do not know if I am using it right or it is linked the way it should be. Technology and the Internet is not a strong point in my life but I wanted to become part of the new world with this class. I have set up Twitter, Flickr, Sound Cloud and all of the rest of those media’s.

What I found challenging was using the technology this past week. It has fun but also I feel like I do not know what I am doing. I keep being followed on Twitter, which I find creepy and interesting all at the same time. Who are these people that are finding me and why are they following me? I am not that interesting of a person that someone should be following me. The interesting thing has been Celebrities that I do not care for or know anything about are following me. Questions that arise, are they the real person? Are they fake? Are they computer generated to make me look cool? I do not know the answers but I keep looking to see who is following me, so that’s interesting.

I do not understand Flickr, I posted five pictures just like the video said to and nothing happened. Now I guess the world can see me, but nothing changed. On the Gravitar site, I cannot figure out how to turn the picture, so most of the pictures I was trying to use, are sideways. The Sound Cloud was kind of cool, I found a great song and put it on my Blog so that everyone could hear it if they wanted to listen to it. The only one that I have used before was YouTube, I have copied and pasted the videos to Facebook before.

I will be completely honest in saying, I have no idea if I linked everything the right way, I set up my website, made a domain, downloaded WordPress to that site and I think my Twitter, Gravitar and such are on there. I have no idea if it all is on the Ds106 and Noir106 websites. The syncing is probably the hardest part of the whole thing because I never saw any instructions on how to do it right or not. Setting all the websites up so I could use them were the easiest parts because all I have to do is put in the information and come up with a handle.

To me, I think what is driving me crazy is the not knowing if I did it right. The reason being is I do not want my grade to suffer because I all I had to do was X, Y Z when I did everything else. Setting up every website was easy, but putting it all together is not easy. Also, I do not know who anyone in the class is, so I do not know what their handles are, so I cannot comment on their sites. If I knew, then it would make things much easier.

Noir, I think that it is dark, gritty, and has a lot to do with guys in big coats. I find it interesting because it never took off as a cultural thing. The war prevented cartoons and stories to be created. I find that appealing because not everyone would know what Film Noir is if you started talking about it. Film Noir has to do with dark, gangsters (kind of), and rainy nights with dark pictures like The Dark Knight, Bugs Bunny, and the watchmen. They all have a theme that is not used very often in films these days.

This class is fun so far, I love the webcasts on Monday because the professors dressed up in Noir style which really brings the whole thing full circle. I have never been in a class that was this unique. I am excited to do some of the work that has been described, learn more about the web and all it has to offer. I would love it if we get to dress up, do videos and such. It sounds fun, I look forward to the challenge and excitement this class brings.

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