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I was very excited about the Daily Create for today, titled “What’s your super power?” where you have to show your superpower in a photo. I also found this assignment to be difficult because of the super power I would want. If I had a super power, I would want to have the power of teleportation of myself and others. I would be able to use this power as a convenience in everyday life and as a way to help others. If someone desperately needed something or was injured, I could just teleport them where ever they needed to go. For myself, I would be able to travel anywhere around the world at any time and wouldn’t have to worry about travel costs. Teleportation is not an easy power to photograph since it involves starting off in one place and instantly being in another. I thought that this set of squares made a nice frame that recedes into the background, giving a sense of distance between the closest and farthest squares. I altered the colors of the photo to make the squares become the focus of the shot. The squares could also be interpreted as something you must go through in order to teleport.


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