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That One Time I was in a Textbook

Once Landon Epperly graduated from Cave Spring High School in Roanoke, Virginia, he was accepted to Roanoke College where he would major in Business Administration and also plan to play for the mens soccer team. The injury prone freshman in college did not end up playing soccer at Roanoke and ended up transferring to the University of Mary Washington after his sophomore year. Epperly continued to major in Business Administration once at UMW and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2015. Epperly then went on to work for a marketing firm in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He worked in the marine division for Dominion Enterprises and marketed to companies such as and other successful companies. Epperly would gain valuable experience and connections working for Dominion and would continue working his way up to being one of the top marketing directors for the marine division. Landon Epperly would later move to Wilmington, North Carolina and would work with several big name boat companies around the world.

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