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The Aesthetics: Wallpaper and Paint Research

My first task on my journey in my senior project was to research wallpaper for one of the wall panels along with finding the best gold paint for our money. I began this task by contacting Rosco Paints about getting possible paint chips and samples of their gold paints. I am looking into getting samples for Bright Gold (#5383), Gold (#5384), and Antique Gold (#5387). The type of gold we are looking for is more of an antique gold, but the swatch on the Rosco Paints website looked a little too muddy. I decided it would be best to be able to know all of our options for gold paint by this supplier. I will be going around the local hardware stores, such as Home Depot and Lowes, in the next few days to price and get samples of their gold paints.

-Emailed Rosco Paints for paint chips and samples on 2/10-

Next I started looking into wallpaper appropriate for the period in which Lady Windermere takes place. In my meeting with Niffer we discussed possibly going with a Damask print in a peacock-blue for the wallpaper. We also discussed how the wallpaper will be blown up out of scale. I found three types of Damask that really stuck out to me. There were the Berkshire, Hampshire, and Renaissance Damasks. Also while doing period wallpaper research I came across the Morris Tradition wallpaper. The Morris Tradition comes from William Morris, an English designer who was a big influence in the 19th century decorative arts. Below I am including examples of the wallpapers I have found and color swatches of peacock-blue to get a feel of what the wallpaper will potentially look like once it’s painted.

Paint Chips:


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Morris Tradition

400488 DM6P210357_zoom dmorbr103-c1 william-morris-brer-rabbit




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Berkshire or Hampshire Damasks

Renaissance Damask


I also found this print while searching through a catalogue on…

Roland print (page 23) $1 sample


For the most part I tried to find the wallpapers in shades of blue already to make the visualization a little easier. For the ones that I could not find in blue I decided to show in a neutral color to showcase to pattern. I’m still thinking of what other color would be good to go with the peacock-blue, given that the rest of the room will be cream and gold. I think it would be good to either go with one of those colors, preferably cream for the other color in the print to keep a sense of unity to the set.

Also in my meeting with Niffer we discussed cherry wood panelling. I am including some images below to get an idea of the palate for the show and how everything will go together to make this world.

cherryRPW k188429



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