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The Daily Create: Droodle at a meeting (or elsewhere)

The daily create assignment for today was to droodle at a meeting (or elsewhere). What is a droodle?



“Droodles was a syndicated cartoon feature created by Roger Price and collected in his 1953 bookDroodles. The trademarked name “Droodle” is a nonsense word suggesting “doodle”, “drawing” and “riddle.” Wikipedia.”

That was the example given in our daily create assignment. So basically a doodle.

This may sound pretty weird, but my planner is basically my life and I am obsessed with it. I write literally EVERYTHING that has to be done/important things/stupid things/whatever, it’s in my planner. So, I decided to doodle. I also LOVE quotes so I decided to incorporate my doodle with quotes to keep myself positive. I just kind of started doodling once I started looking at my work for the week. It’s not anything amazing, but here is my doodle…


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