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The Design of Noir 5 Weeks In

I watched the video and as usual picked-up some pretty good tips from it and every single week so far. It’s interesting how I have looked all the way back to week one and remember the fear and the overwhelming feeling but yet here I am in Week 5 still learning and week 1 is just a blur as I use all the things we started with. WordPress was really scary and now it’s a breeze. I love what we are learning and would like to share it! But first you must know that Groom has vanished . . . find details here:  Groom has vanished! I haven’t forgotten Groom but the assignments aren’t exactly tied to Groom! But hey he is in my thoughts and I hope they find him soon! Groom had Vanished!!

I really do not feel ready to create assignments or tutorials at this time. I just don’t feel like I am up to speed quite yet. I do have them on my focus and will begin thinking of ideas.

This week we worked on reading and reflections quite a bit and some noir design. I always enjoy learning but really enjoyed this week because it brought more design and layout into our knowledge base. I feel this is all building up to something BIG!! I read and reflected then blogged on The Vignelli Canon which you can view my blog from that link. This was a very good assignment and gave us all some good things to think about while doing our work. I saved the PDF file so that I an refer back to it as needed. It seems to be a lot to this design but you can definitely tell that he truly loves design. I never really thought much about design until this course and boy let me tell you I am learning a lot. I don’t think I have ever used so many different programs and completed so many assignments! Design will now be in my forefront of projects. I feel that the assignments while very overwhelming when you first see them all but become easier and easier with all the tools/advice we are provided along the way.

More on thoughts and ideas we followed up with a movie and I watched Double Indemnity as the age and being closer to the starting time interested me. I love the comparison to movies now and then. I also noticed such a resemblance to our video each week with Bond, Burtis, and Groom so I snipped a screen shot of this to include in my blogs/posts.

In the dark!
In the dark!

Hey even the weekly summary is getting better – or at least I think so!

Design Blitz Here! I had a lot of fun with this assignment although it was more difficult than I thought it would be along with very time consuming. I focused on  typography, dominance, symbols, and color:

Typography dominance john_deere symbols color

As usual I have fun with the daily creates and by clicking that link you can see all of them on my site along with all of my other work and blogs! Isn’t this just great! I can watch in one place how I have learned and grown! Some of my creations this week were hand drawn like the following:

Love of Writing

Oh and I used a new program call Picasso which allows you to put together sketches and things here is my Happy Birthday wish to “That David” as I made my creation of what he looks like – I did forget his glasses but that was a good thing because maybe he can’t see how bad it is:


Oh and let’s not forget the old time sitcom Bewitched. . . I love the wiggle of the nose and getting things done or making something (or someone) disappear. I enjoyed this assignment the most as being in and intense course (more than just one) I could really use these superpowers right about now:

Super Magical Powers

We were instructed to inform ourselves about Copyright & Creative Commons. I read several readings provided on Fair Use, Creative Commons, and Copyrights. We were also given two clips to watch. I found one to be interesting and the other a little hard to understand. These were all listed as number 6 in our Week 5 – Design of Noir work sheet. My blog about my impression of the fair use doctrine, copyrights, and creative commons is here: My Impressions of Copyright Laws. I shared the Disney clip that I had difficulties understanding.

Now we moved on to our design assignments – 12 stars! I went through the assignments and read and looked hard because the first was needed to be at least 4 stars. All of my assignments can be found in the category Design and I completed a total of 14 stars as the ones I really liked I went for and went a little over on the stars. I find the 1 and 2 stars are just not very challenging. My four star was  wallpaper for ds106 . . .

Beautiful city Pittsburgh
Beautiful city Pittsburgh

I then went on and did two 3.5 star assignments because we needed at least 6 of the stars to be related to our character. I did a bumper sticker to advertise George’ services offered and an invitation to his Masquerade Ball. Want to join me? George of course you all have met him and read his Character Dossier. And then I did one 3 star assignment which was an advertisement for bird seed and of course a snack for Sylvester!

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!!
Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!!
You're Invited!!
You’re Invited!

Protection Bumper Sticker

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