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The difference between Evil and Good

I watched both opening videos from Touch of Evil and the differences are clear. In the video that was not Orson Wells there was no sound, but I was still waiting for the BOOM. The video kept going even when the couple was near the car. I thought for suspense they would kill off the couple, but that did not happen. Once the video got closer to the end you kind of figured out that this couple is safe. Even with very little sound it was good because the picture told a good story in a way that you thought something was coming but you did not know.

In the Orson Wells video there was sound effects that made it more dramatic. As the video started, it was a slow rise of the music. Then when the unknown person put the bomb in the car, the music went crazy dramatic. Even though I knew what was going to happen at this point, the music made the drama build more. This version was completely changed by the tone of the music. Sounds do matter and they can change the effect of how a person understands the picture.

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