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The Future is Here

The story of my future is the story of your future. Yes a few things here and there may be different to an extent but we are all going towards the same “place”, aren’t we? In a few years I’ll be joining “the real world”, if I’m not already here. More and more technologies will enter my life, if not in hand or in my brain then over my head for sure. I’ll become more efficient while at the same time I’ll become more obsolete. The lives around me will disappear if not them then me. Life will go on that is unless an extinction event takes place which wipes out this world’s self conscious.

Justin Lawrence eventually got over his self-loathing stage as he left college at the University of Mary Washington. He entered the workforce in Washington D.C. in advertising. While he impressed his colleagues around him he felt an urge to do something more adventurous with his life. Before leaving advertising he secured a crew position on a sailing vessel heading North. The destination was Greenland. There was no evidence of him ever landing there.

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