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The Killers Alternative Ending !

This is my alternative ending to the Killers.

Nick walked up the dark street to the corner under the arc light and then along the car tracks to Henry’s eating house. George was inside back of the counter.

Al and Max come up behind Nick and:

“Nick where you coming back from bright boy?”

“Just went for a walk that’s all”

“Did you hear that Al, bright boy said he was just out for a walk”

“Where is he?”

“Where is who”

“Don’t play dumb, where is Ole?”

“Come on, take us to him”

“I can not do that ”

“This can all be over with if you take us to him, then we will be gone for good”

“If I ┬átake you to him you guys will leave and never come bother us again?”

“Yes bright boy”

“OK, follow me, when we get to the house I am leaving

“OK that’s fine”

“We are here, now leave and never come back!”

They knock on the door and Ole answers the door.

“Hey there Ole, we have some business to take care of….

“Alright guys just get it over with”

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