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The Life and Times of the Energy Maker

For this writing assignment I chose:

Monologue of a household tool

There she is again. The same time every morning. She comes walking in the kitchen in her night shirt and turns me on. Then she makes sure I’m okay before she turns to go get dressed for the day. As I work my magic on the task she has given me her husband enters the room. He appreciates me just as much, if not more than she does. I’m lucky to be owned by the Callaghan’s. They keep me going. They haven’t replaced me with those newfangled machines. He takes my offerings of morning energy and pours two cups. One for him and one for his wife. Just like always. When she comes back in the kitchen he offers her a cup and kisses her on the cheek as he leaves to get himself ready. She finishes her drink just as he comes in to put his in the sink. They leave to go to work, and that’s the last I’ll see of them until later tonight. Just like every day.


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