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The Murdered: An Alternate Ending to The Killers

Nick had done what George had asked. He had told Ole Anderson about the two men in matching derby hats and black overcoats that were going to kill Ole Anderson. And Ole Anderson didn’t care. He didn’t even show as much as a glint of concern for what those two fellows want to do to him. Ole Anderson just laid on his too small of a bed and stared at the blank wall at his feet. “Why?” Nick spoke quietly to himself as he slowly trudged away from Hirsch’s rooming-house. “What awful deed could Ole Anderson have done to have two killers trailing him, and for him to just calmly wait for them in his room?” As Nick was deep in thought about this, he failed to notice two figures enter through Hirsch’s door.

Max and Al figured that someone from the lunch-room would try to warn Ole Anderson about them as soon as they left. “Well, this means we’ll get the job done quicker,” stated Max. “Won’t have to clean it up since there won’t be any witnesses either,” said Al. They kept their distance from Nick as he entered Hirsch’s and stayed in the shadows until he had left. It was easy for them to hide in the dark with their black coats. Entering the rooming-house was easy; the only thing Max and Al didn’t know was whether or not Ole Anderson would put up a fight. When they entered his room, Ole Anderson just gave them a passing glance from his bed and continued staring sullenly at the bedroom wall. He already knew why they were there. They didn’t need to explain anything to him. He just lied there on his small bed, staring at the wall with a sawn off shotgun resting on his temple, knowing that he deserved what was coming to him.


I decided to create an alternate ending for The Killers for the assignment Write An Alternative Ending, because I felt like it had an open ended ending where the hostages at the lunch-room could have contacted the police, Max and Al could have killed Ole Anderson or the other way around, or the ending I’ve written. I made this as a means to end an open-ended story; I enjoy and dislike stories with no definite ending because, on the one hand, the reader can create whatever ending to a story satisfies them the most. On the other hand, I really like to know how the author would have wanted the story to end and feel pressured to imagine the “correct” ending from an endless number of possible endings. I referenced the story for character names, personalities, and reading how the characters talked and how Ernest Hemingway wrote. After that, I just thought about the possible ending to the story that I preferred and wrote the ending in a Word Document and posted it here.

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