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The Original and Only Janelle Pierangelino

The Original and Only Janelle Pierangelino

Hello everyone viewing my page! My name is Janelle Diana Pierangelino. As I DSCF083595write this post, I am a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Mary Washington as an English major (with a creative writing track) and Communication major. My home is close to the sea and close to my heart: Virginia Beach. It is there that I spent my childhood and longed for a college adventure in the future. I certainly have had quite an adventure in the past two years I have been here and have met so many unforgettable people, but more importantly I began to see myself becoming a bit older and wiser through every experience. I’ve learned that there is something we can take away from each day we have; there’s a moment among the chaos that stands out to us and gives us happiness, even if it is only for a second or less. That is the kind of life I strive to live; a life that offers light rather than darkness; a life where something so small in a day has all the meaning in the world to me.  I always want to embrace the moments when something simple put a smile on my face or the times I’d laugh until tears at jokes that weren’t even that funny. Real happiness, real laughter, and real, varying emotions are what I want most in this world; I want to really embrace what it is to be human. In the future, I intend to have a career where I am given this sense of complete happiness. I am currently considering becoming a creative director for a company or a film editor, either of the two utilizing my creativity and both having the potential to be rewarding in how I would enjoy each career. Personality-wise, I am an Aries and according to the Myers Briggs Test, I am an ENFJ (for more information, go to But since a person cannot be fully defined by one zodiac sign or a test,  I would personally describe myself as a goofy, energetic, creative, thoughtful, and friendly person.

Here are some fun fact about me, the one and only Janelle Diana Pierangelino in the world (that I know of..)

1. I love color guard, and it is not the military associated kind like most people believe it to be.

2. I love the Oscars and the Oscar season. They are basically my Superbowl since I don’t like football. I am a lover of film and film studies.

3. Two animals I would love to see first-hand would be a red panda or an elephant.

4. Coconut is one of my most hated foods.

5. When it comes to music, I am not too hard to please. I have a low tolerance for most rap and country though.

6. I attended a Catholic school from kindergarten to 8th grade.

7. When going to get fast food, I am a creature of habit. Always nuggets and BBQ sauce. If the BBQ sauce is not in the bag, I will make sure it finds its’ way there somehow.

8. My favorite time of year is December because of all the Christmas lights. If I had a choice in the matter, I would keep all Christmas lights up all year round.

9. Making a artsy, crafty item or project is something I absolutely love doing. Hobby Lobby is an amazing place and so is my computer. I like to create videos, edit photos, etc. Which leads to fact #10.

10. My 2015 New Years’ resolution is to capture a short video clip everyday and combine all of them to create a music video titled “The Beauty of a Year.”

And of course the bonus fact! I have a dog named Puppy. She is a Jack Russell Terrier and if I could take her to school in my bag, well, she would be in that bag.

I hope you all enjoy my page for Digital Storytelling and see some of my stories I can’t wait to tell. :)

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”- Steve Jobs

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