straight down the line

The poor post office




Panel 1: Mail! Oh boy, I bet it’s from one of my friends- look at that cute envelope!

Panel 2: Glitter… What did I ever do to them? The cute envelope was full of lies and falsehoods :(


In this three-star assignment, I was to show a change of emotion in two panels. I wanted to use some pop culture and incorporate the “Send Glitter to Your Enemies” guy. Imagine getting what you thought was a nice letter from an old friend, only to learn that you are their enemy! On top of all of that, you now have to clean up all this damn glitter. It sucks to be you.

I used my phone’s forward-facing camera and the headphones as a cable. My neighbors let me borrow their glitter (art kids amirite), and I used my roommate’s envelope. My side table caught the glitter, and only 5% fell into the air, never to leave.

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